Below are some of the information you need to have when enquiring.

Requirements and General Information for organising events in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi


Areas to consider prior to the event, Requirements

The following have a consequence on overall costing

* Planning and site inspection
* The venue: where and what facility
* Program
* Do you require a microphone? (if the audience is to ask questions, you may need at least one roving microphone, depending on your venue)
* Will you need a lectern?
* Are tables and chairs needed?
* How would you like the room to be set up, eg lecture style, semi-formal? Campus Services can provide assistance with setting up the room to meet your requirements. Send through a Customer Service Request (CSR)
* Travel: Require airline ticket bookings for conference delegates?
* How will payment be made? When and schedule? By who?


* The Conference itself- who is on the organising commitee? Who is the overall head? And roles
* Mailing list
* Invitations
* Media
* Printing
* Ancillary items
* Travel
* Catering
* Compere – someone who will welcome guests and show them their seats.
* Greeting VIPs
* Volunteers
* Running sheet
* Signage and directions
* Recording
* Water for the speakers?
* Whiteboard markers and whiteboard dusters?
* Banners?
* Spare bulb for the overhead projector?
* Gifts and exhibitions – these are becoming popular at events. How will they be handled?
* Picking and dealing with speakers. Programme content.
* Name tags
* Sponsor’s signage?
* How will the handicapped be handled? – transport, accommodation, food, service.
* Catering: menus
* Contigency planning: Health and safety, Insurance, security and regualtion.
* Mamanaging the venue during the conference: Contract and venue arrangements. Audio-visual. Problem solving. Working with the delegates.

After the Conference

* Evaluation of the conference or event.
* Final Accounts
* Thank You’s.

Contact us for conference charges and upcoming events.

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ChimpanzeeAlthough our main areas of operation are the African Great Lakes countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi, we also arrange, on request, events and conferences in the neighbouring countries of East and Central African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Sudan. Our knowledge of this region is unrivalled, our staff having travelled extensively through out many areas of Africa organizing tours and attending events of a tourist nature. Contact us if you have any special requests. .

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