Rukararwe is located about 4 km North-east of Bushenyi in South West Uganda. Coming to Rukararwe means not only to spend a wonderful holiday but also to support the local people and to strengthen the surrounding.There are cultural packages that are offered;

accommodation1. Traditional Medicine

–          Introduction: Overview history, problems of traditional medicine

–          Tree Nursery: Showing young plants (all), but special focus on Xanthoxyllum, Prunus Africana, Warburgia à get young leaves and explain propagation methods

–          Forest: Walk educative path, explain different plants, harvest medicine

–          Processing: Introduction Bumetha/ Rukararwe, explain processing of different medicine, pound, pack, get a sample


Proposed Time: 2h

Proposed Price: 10$


2. Tree nursery & Demonstration forest

–          Introduction, history

–          Forest: Show forest, old trees and explain problems of deforestation in Uganda. Also show some animals (birds, insects), necessity of sustainable forest management and maintenance of  indigenous trees

–          Tree nursery: Demonstration and practicing of different propagation methods and show the young trees

–          Plant a tree and create a signpost

Proposed Time: 2 ½ h

Proposed Price: 12$

 3. Women group – crafts

–          Introduction by several women ( Rukararwe women group, different projects)

–          Learn how to make paper beads

–          Finish their own Necklace

–          Visit the shop à learn about other crafts, their uses and their Runyankole names


–          Learn how to weave with palm leaves/Banana fibers (Postcards)

–          Learn how to make baskets

Proposed Time: 1 ½ – 2 ½ h

Proposed Price: 10$

 4. Women group – dances

–          Introduction

–          Showing dance/song

–          Explaining the meaning of the dance/song

–          Learning the dance and the song (between teabreak)

–          Dance and sing together

–          Presentation to staff and other guests

 Proposed Time: 3 h

Proposed Price: 12$

 Other possible culture packages:

5. Earth bricks

–          Introduction

–          Presentation of different types of Bricks

–          Making earth bricks

–          Visit a school with earth bricks buildings (walk: 1h)

6. Orphanage

–          Introduction while driving

–          Welcome songs, dancing

–          Introducing children

–          Talking about Orphanage, walk around the place with Ednaz and Jane

–          Games? Being creative? With the kids

–          Lunch together (simple traditional food)

–          Goodbye songs


7. Zero grazing farm

–          Introduction à Farms in Europe/Farms in Uganda, what is zero grazing?

–          Visiting the cow, milking

–          Walking around farm, benefits of owning a cow, achievements of the family

–          Drinking milk tea with the family

 8. Visiting a family

–          Walking to the family in the morning

–          Fetching water, collecting firewood

–          Prepare food together

–          Eat together

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