RWENZORI MOUNTAINS ADVENTURE: (11 DAYS) – Stand on the Margherita Peak, Stand on the Equator

The Rwenzoris, or the Mountains of the Moon, have a celebrated beauty. Shrouded almost perpetually in mist, they have a seducing, eerie quality that led to many wondrous tales about them through the ages.The mountains – about 120 km long – were forced up during the creation of the Great Rift Valley. At the centre of the range are six peaks with permanent snow, three with glaciers. The highest mountain in the range, Mount Stanley, can only be reached by experienced trekkers. Its peak, Margherita, the third highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, rises to 5,109m above sea level. Read More


MT ELGON HIKING TOUR : Climbing Mount Elgon Uganda: (8 Days)

 Mount Elgon came into existence as a result of a volcanic eruption. For hundreds of years, the mountain has never erupted since its formation. With its highest peak, Wagagai, at 4,321m high, Mount Elgon’s major features are: plethora of waterfalls, hot springs and the extraordinary caldera, which is about 8 kilometres in diameter. Although Uganda is at the Equator, Mount Elgon sometimes experiences temperatures below freezing point. The blazing equatorial sun and freezing temperatures produces giant vegetation.  Climbing is best done in the dry months of June to August, and December to February, but other months are also manageable. Read More

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