Eco Tourism in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo

Become part of a Virtuoso African Safaris ecotours project. We focus on low impact responsible tourism in areas of natural beauty where local communities benefit directly from your visit. Our clients stay at exclusive, stylish and eco-friendly properties in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. While providing high levels of comfort and elegance, we have remained committed to eco-friendly principles. We believe that providing western standards of comfort in remote areas of Africa needs to be balanced with the impact of international travellers on the environment.

Eco Tours offered by Virtuoso African Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo

We make our contribution to minimizing environmental disturbance by booking our clients at properties which use a variety of natural energy sources, especially solar power; reducing water consumption and controlling waste disposal. Most of all we respect and work with local populations and recruit staff from their communities.

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ChimpanzeeA wide variety of species can be seen in the game parks including elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, zebra, hippo, warthog, forest hog, hyena, giraffe and different antelope species. Game viewing is also free of the mass tourism found in some other African countries. Primates, especially the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee, are a special attraction, together with over a thousand species of birds and a wide variety of butterflies.

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