Scheduled Tours

Scheduled tours have set dates and group numbers for them to depart. Normally for this type of tour to run, it should have at least a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 7 people.

Uganda Scheduled Tours


Uganda has over 1,100 bird species, much more than the whole of Europe combined. The tour visits Entebbe and areas around Lake Victoria, Mamamba Swamp and Queen Elizabeth Park. Birders could see up to 450 bird species, as well as other wildlife primates, game. The wetter months (February, May and September November) are usually recommended for birding as most birds breed during this time and are more active and vocal. Read More here


Rwanda Scheduled Tours

Scheduled tours operate on a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 7 persons. Participants stay in our recommended comfortable mid-range accommodations in Rwanda. For those who wish to stay in low-end accommodations, contact us for the discount, or for those who wish to stay in the top of the range hotels and lodges, contact us for the supplement. Read More




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