The planning of the tour was very good ,the performance Knowledge ,conduct and the driving skills of the gkill of the Guide was OK , We where most interest in gorilla tracking ,chimpanzees and colobos

Mr Stefano ,ITALY



We loved the gorilla trek, our guide Adrian is the most wonderful guide  and the overall performance is above 90%

DR Sally from USA



We where satisfied with the performance ,knowledge .conduct .and the driving skills of our guide we where most interested  in trekking with gorilla ,queen elizabeth national park ,and chimpanzee

Mr Comandi from italy


The hotels / lodges and comps were all very nice ,clean and well managed  . all are closed to N.P  and have extraordinary surrounding . the best lost lodge was Silverback  lodge and Kibale Forest Camp  because of service.

Silverback lodge had a  Very good at service see point and   food was extraordinary and very delicious   to us .

Adrian  had very good guiding experience for Uganda  , very good driving skills  daily befits and always very good organized, very help full  , very friendly and we  got all the information s indeed, the length of stay and the location of accommodation was very good .        Thank you !

Masoli andDonellico Italy


Yes Very much satisfied with performance .knowledge ,conduct and drivng skills of the guide , we were most interested in volcanoes for gorilla , kibale bwindi  Queen  Elizabeth and Murchison falls Peter Plott from Germany


Very Very satisfied , and Excellent performance knowledge ,conduct and driving skills of Sam was good .the planning of the tour was very good , hotels lodges , food and services  were good, we were most interested in bwindi ,Queen Elizabeth , murchison falls , kibale  and lake Mburo  , Vittello  form Italy


Very    Very  Much perfect driver William always Helpful and kind ,experienced driver perfect knowledge of places animals ,very good manners  ,very good in all lodges and hotels and lodges.we were most  interested in Gorilla s tracking chimps tracking Queen Elizabeth and Murchison fall ,PISTELLA CIPANI and  RIGMETTINI from italy



We  were satisfied with the performance ,knowledge and  conduct of Emma [guide] we were most interested in gorilla trekking in Rwanda Boat trip lake Albert  Peter and Yoone Germany



100 % satisfied Ema our guide is perfect travel guide  fulfilling all our little extre wishes  we were most interested in Bwindi Queen Elizabeth , murchison fall Budongo , we organized and very nice  PETER  and SABINE from  Germany


Fantastic , very knowledge and very caring, most interesting is murchision fall Queen Elizabeth   and gorilla is ok

Gessi from Italy


Yes satisfied  Sam our guide ,It was a perfect tour Very good choice of hotel and lodges , and the food and services was very good, ur main goal was to see the Gorillas , BARUFFALDI fron Germany



All lodges were beautiful, excellent food and services and very satisfied of our guide SAM he was very perfect , our objectives ahs been completely fulfilled in each and every place Sartirina from Italy


The guide was really great good knowledge and helpful  he explained alot and showed interesting things while on trip ,salt lake were reall impressing

Vabach from Germany


Yes ,very much the guide knew every animal , we saw and the guide was very good,the national park visited and the activites fulfil our odjective ,everypark had a particularity ,every one was amazing ,but Bwindi wasthe best

Matte Masoni Germany


 We were satisfied  with the knowledge with the conduct and driving skills of our guide ,we were interested most in gorilla trekking,chimp tracking and Murchison falls national paerk

Schrotter Germany



Food was good everywher all personel very pleasant ,absolutely the guide was very good and perfectbguide,evry site in Uganda fulfilled our objective , Bwindi /kibale /murchison fall and nile were perfect,

Ruzzin Germany


We were most interested in gorilla tracking , kibale chimp tracking ,there the activities were well worth visiting ,the boat trip

Micheal Dahlei


All the hotels / Lodge / camps were very good like Katara lodge and Haven lodge.

Mike was a very good driver, he made our trip to Ngamba Island , Murchison falls and volcano  very pleasured and exiting .

Kainzbauer  Johannes  from Austria / Europe

16/08 – 03/09/2013


Wonderful  hotels/ lodges /like paraa and silver back [bwindi0 ,food and services very good in most cases]  the driver [guide] was always in time ,reliable, great knowledge ,,most interesting was Gorilla tracking ,Dina fossy trail ,kazinga channel ,QENP ,and Rhino  walk in trail,, then chimpanzee trail game drive and boat trip on the Nile,

GOtti clemen Germany


   The gorilla trek was the highlight of my trip!  It was hard, and I wasn’t sure I would ever breathe normally again, but I can.  It was well worth the effort and the money.  Everything that you had booked was beautifully organized, and Mr. Amos was such a competent, friendly, nice driver.  I think he managed to get me on the trek going to the biggest family, the Souzas.  It took about 6 hours, but we finally saw 12 of the 14 of them, and they were absolutely amazing!
    I also loved the country of Rwanda.  I was astounded that they have made such a recovery since the genocide.  The distance that they have come must be a record!  They seem to work as hard or harder than any country I have ever visited, and their success in growing food and using land wisely is something that many other countries need to use as a model.
    Thank you for arranging such a memorable experience and working with me through all the ups and downs of planning.      I am so very glad that I got the courage and broke my piggy bank to do such an unbelievable side trip.  My sincere and best thanks to you for making it so great!
 Clary   from southAfrica


Gorilla trekking Rwanda [volcanos NP] Kibale forest [chimps] murchison and Queen  were most interested part , the hotels /lodge /food/services were good



We were most interested in murchison Queen elizabeth  and lake Mburo Also the food and services were good ,



We were most interested in gorillas murchison falls lake mburo and queen elizabeth ,food and service were very good any time

Costantini Italy


The hotels ,lodges , food and servicesand the performance,conduct ,knowledge and driving skills of the  driver were good

MAzzocchi Italy


We have beebn very satisfied the guide explained us alot of things ,about history and geographic ,culture [ very good driver ] .the planning of the tour were was really complete for us ,

Caridi and Chiara italy


Bwindi National parkKbale and Queen elizabeth  were most interested part ,the hotels/ lodges food and services were excellent



Murchison faffs chimps Nile cruise Gorillas Rhinos and Kazinga channel were  the most interested .

Quadri  Italy


We were most interested in all the parks food and services were very good and also the performance of the driver ADRIAN were extremely good,



we were most intrested in gorilla and chimpanzee trekking ,thy conduct performannnnce and the skills iof the driver where excellent

Ruzzu and Donne italy


We’re very satisfied ,the planning of the tour was good and we were most interested in Gorilla s, Chimps, and Rhino

Mantua, montanari, bonannini and nannini  Italy


Very happy very knowledgeable and  and collective good personal atmosphere made the trip very enjoyable ,we were most interested in bwindi ,kibale QEN and Mburo




The planning was good and covered most of what we wanted  to see and to do , the driving skills ,knowledge ,and conduct of Farouk [tour guide ] were very good , most places had good food, and in some lodges the portions were large,we were most interested  in Murchison fall national park ,tracking gorillas Rwanda and Uganda and kazinga channel




gorilla tracking Rwanda was the best ,gorilla and chimpanzee  tracking Uganda was good  ,the performance conduct and driving skills of tour guide [ farouk]  was exceptional [ very careful driver]



The performance of, knowledge ,conduct and driving skills of Farouk [guide]  was exceptional and was comfort driver , we were most interested in gorilla and chimp tracking,Rwanda and Uganda was good    Ernesto and Madarang, USA



We were most interested in Murchison falls state park ,gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda ,chimpanzee forest and Kazinga channel, the hotels and lodges were good and very acceptable,  on Food abd services, most placrs had good food and portions were large

The performance ,knowledge,conduct and drivng skills of Farouk [guide] were very very good and the planning of the tour was good and covered most of what we wanted to see and to do

Ash Mukheretee and Riva szrajbman


In the places we went to, Food and services were excellent.  The performance,knowledge conduct  and driving skills of the guide  [Adrian] were good as well as accommodation that was good. The Rwenzori trek was wonderful

Rossella Sundno and Gidianni Gonzales

We like our travel with  Virtuoso Safaris and the most interest  was gorilla tracking and chimpanzee in Kibale. We saw the best of Uganda wildlife,the hotels and lodges,food and services was ok ,we were satisfied with the performance, knowledge, conduct and driving skills of Adrian [tour guide]

John and mary Jane Miller 

Food is ok, Virtuoso staff were very friendly and helpful ,the knowledge conduct and driving skills of Adrian were very satisfied, most interests where on gorilla tracking, Nyungwe forest walk and golden monkey


Jean Gailar & Eliana Fenn, USA

We had an excellent experience on our trip to Rwanda, Chip tracking and hiking at Nyungwe forest park was remarkably accompanied by a game drive in Akagera park. We loved the museum and the palace in Butare. The lodges were fine with fabulous services at Gisakura Guest House, our guide was excellent , flexible with plans and incredibly helpful as he took care of everything for us. 4 x 4 driving on rough roads was outstanding.

We were originally concerned about making a bank transfer to a company we were unfamiliar with, in case you encounter anyone else with such a concern please feel free to give them my name and E-mail so I can set their minds at ease.


Alexandre Nollin, France

We had a perfectly amazing trip, enjoyed the Cruise on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth park. Gorilla tracking was an outstanding experience, the lodges and food were good especially at Katara lodge unlike the hotel in butare. We were lucky to have Adrian as a guide, he drove well and took care of us, he made our trip an unforgettable experience.


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