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Location: East Africa. Bordering nations–Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda. Area: 27,830 sq. km. (10,747 sq. mi.); about the size of Maryland. Capital: Bujumbura Climate: Equatorial; high plateau with considerable altitude variation (772 m to 2,670 m above sea level); average annual temperature varies with altitude from 23 to 17 degrees centigrade (73 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit) but is generally moderate as the average altitude is about 1,700 m (5,600 ft.); average annual rainfall is about 150 cm (59 in.); two wet seasons (February to May and September to November), and two dry seasons (June to August and December to January). Terrain: Hilly, rising from 780 meters (2,600 ft.) at the shore of Lake Tanganyika to mountains more than 2,700 meters (9,000 ft.) above sea level.

We are dedicated to offer you with the best of the safaris and travel to Burundi with a wide range of tour options that will enable you discover Burundi. Some of these safaris and combined with other countries and they include the following;

Popular Tours to Burundi

Burundi-only Tours, Safaris and Explorations

Burundi Cultural, Source Du Nil and Bujumbura City Tour, VASBU1: 4Days

Bujumbura Cultural Tour, VASBU2: 4Days 

Five Days Burundi Tour: VASBU3

Highlights of Burundi Tour, VASBU4: 6Days

Burundi-Rwanda Tour, VASBU5: 11Days

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