Climbing Equipment for the Rwenzori Mountains

This list includes medicines, climbing equipment and foods. This list of equipment and foods can also be used for climbers to other mountains, including Mt Elgon, Kirimanjaro, Mt Kenya.

The Rwenzoris, or the Mountains of the Moon, have a celebrated beauty. Shrouded almost perpetually in mist, they have a seducing, eerie quality that led to many wondrous tales about them through the ages. The mountains – about 120 km long – were forced up during the creation of the Great Rift Valley. At the centre of the range are six peaks with permanent snow, three with glaciers. The highest mountain in the range, Mount Stanley, can only be reached by experienced trekkers. Its peak, Margherita, the third highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, rises to 5,109m above sea level.


This list includes medicines, climbing equipment and foods.

Medicines include;

  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • Diamox (helps acclimatization and reduces risk of edema)
  • Non-prescription painkillers (like panadol – avoid aspirin).
  • Sleeping pills (hard to sleep at altitude for some)
  • Sun Screen, about 45 or 60 spf

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Other Equipment

  • Dark sunglasses
  • 2x hats for sun/rain
  • 1x warm hat for high altitude climbing
  • mountain jacket
  • Rain gear (optional – you’ll get wet no matter what) Fleece jacket
  • Fleece vest (if light, a nice addition to the fleece jacket) Sweater
  • Long sleeve Trekking shirts (long sleeve)
  • T-shirt(s)
  • 2x Hiking, climbing pants
  • 1x shorts for walking at lower altitudes light weight long underwear
  • Down jacket (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • 1x light pair of gloves for camp
  • 1x mountain gloves or mittens/overmitts for climbing climbing rope
  • crampons
  • ice axe
  • climbing harness
  • carabiners
  • slings
  • Day pack/climbing pack
  • Tent (provided for all our clients)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat (provided)
  • fleece jacket and sweater; T-shirts; hiking/climbing pants; shorts;
  • light weight long underwear
  • Waterproof sacks (indiv for tent and sleeping bag and clothes)
  • Waterproof sacks (large canoe bags – eg, Ortlieb – for packing all gear)
  • gaiters (probably a set for low alt and a set for high alt)
  • Comfortable camp shoes or sandals
  • Comfortable walking shoes (runners)
  • Mountain boots that can fit crampons for going to summit.


The shoe issue is loaded with a lot of problems. Our solution is 2 pairs of running shoes and lots of socks, at least one pair for each day (you could give away the wet ones at the end of the day to the porters and put on fresh dry socks in the morning). You can alternate days wearing the running shoes, trying to get one pair dry each day. On the other hand, some people like wearing gum boots (these  are rubber boots that cover ¾ of the lower part of the legs up to the knee). But whatever you do, on the approach DO NOT wear vibram soled hiking boots because the ground is really wet and slippery and the vibram soles are too stiff and hard to hold on the wet moss and rocks. Frankly, the cheaper the running shoes or the rubber boots, the better, because the cheap ones have really sticky soles. Around the camp you could wear sandals, except at some Huts, but sandals might be too cold an alternative to a lot of people, so they should bring something comfortable and lightweight. Going to the summit, the client will need a GOOD pair of mountain boots that can fit crampons (some trekking boots are too soft-soled for crampons).

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ChimpanzeeRwenzori climbing fees include 2 porters per person, guide, park fees, rescue and accommodation, mattresses, food, and gas cooker. One cook is assigned to each group of 4 people, porters take a maximum of 25kg per climber (12.5kg per climber), transport to and from the Rwenzoris. Climbing price does not include cost of climbing equipment, and sleeping bags which climbers have to come with their own. You can hire the climbing equipment like crampon, ice axe, rope, crambons, etc at $25 each item.

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